Pool Coping & Tiling in Toronto

Pool coping and waterline tiling is one of the last steps to building a swimming pool. Coping is the surrounding ledge of a pool.

Coping provides grip and traction when swimming or exiting the pool. It prevents water from getting behind the pool shell and, since it is porous, it helps absorb water and reduces slipperiness around the pool side. It also adds greatly to the aesthetic look of the pool.

Tiling also makes the pool more attractive and allows possibilities for creative designs. The most common pool tiling is along the waterline. Specialized waterproof grout is used that is capable of handling the pressure of thousands of gallons of water pushing against it.

Bridle Path Landscaping has expertise in pool coping and tiling installations that provides a safe and functional pool side for your use and gives a great look to your pool.

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